Submissions and reports

District Plan Hearings 3 submission-slides May 2023

District Plan Hearings 3 submission May 2023

District Plan Hearings 2 submission-slides March 2023

District Plan Hearings 2 submission March 2023

Proposed district plan review 2022

Draft district plan review 2021

Spatial plan update, June 2021

Submission WCC Draft Spatial Plan 2020

Spatial Plan public meeting presentation, 3 Sept 2020

Spatial Plan statistics analysis paper

Spatial Plan paper Council August 2020

National policy statement – Urban Development, October 2019

WCC Planning for Growth, April 2019

WCC 10-year plan, May 2018

Lets Get Wellington Moving, January 2018

Town Belt Bill, October 2015

Wellington Urban Growth Plan, April 2015

Long Term Plan 2015-25, April 2015

Mt Victoria/Matairangi Master Plan, March 2015

Proposal for local government in the Wellington region, March 2015

Regional Land Transport Plan, February 2015

Basin Reserve Bridge Proposal, September 2013

Draft Regional Land Transport Programme 2012-15, September 2013

Wellington City Council Draft Annual Plan 2013, May 2013

Town Belt legislative and policy review, December 2012

National War Memorial Park (Pukeahu) Empowering Bill, September 2012

Heritage protection, July 2012

Wellington Harbour Board registrations, July 2012

Draft Regional Land Transport Programme 2012-15, May 2012

New Zealand Transport Authority’s roading proposals, August 2011

Draft guiding principles for the management of the Town Belt, September 2011

Registration of 7 Paterson Street with New Zealand Historic Places Trust, 2010

Proposed District Plan Changes, April 2009

Proposed Regional Land Transport Programme 2009-12: Basin Reserve Upgrade, April 2009

Port Nicholson Block (Taranaki Whanui Ki Te Upoko O Te Ika) Claims Settlement Bill, February 2009

Proposals for Change and Character Protection, July 2008

Ngauranga to Airport Strategic Transport Study, February 2008

Built heritage strategy, February 2005